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As Nashville continues to grow and more and more citizens move to Nashville to enjoy the great communities and friendly people, our current housing market is expanding to meet the demand. One of the common calls we receive is from homeowners who just recently purchased a beautiful home or a homeowner who has lived in their home for years and is looking to upgrade their old plumbing. This is yet just another professional plumbing service that Green Group plumbers offer.

Many of the older homes, especially homes built in the early 90’s and before have old, galvanized water lines. These lines cause many problems such as low water pressure, dirty-looking water, and freezing and busting during cold weather. The cause of this is the zinc and mineral buildup inside the water lines. The buildup is so bad, that a ¾” galvanized water line may be reducing down to a ¼” inside the pipe due to the mineral buildup. This alone causes, low water pressure and dirty looking water. As our world has evolved and better piping has come into our industry, Green Group can eliminate the issues caused by galvanized water lines by getting rid of the lines and installing new pex water lines throughout the house. These pex water lines are far superior to the old galvanized lines. The pex water lines do not have the zinc mineral that causes the mineral buildup inside the water lines which causes the low water pressure and dirty water. The Pex water lines are also able to expand; therefore, the risk of freezing and busting is almost totally eliminated. The next great thing about upgrading your plumbing to pex is that the pex water lines are estimated to last approximately 70year before any kind of deteriation starts to occur. Essentially, you can give your home a brand-new life with clean and dependable water.

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Home piping services and upgrades - plumbing fixtures Nashville, Franklin, & Murfreesboro

Plumbing Problems & Drain Cleaning Services

Another plumbing problem we see in older homes is old cast iron drains. Though these drains do not cause as many issues as galvanized water lines, we often see these two types of plumbing lines together in older homes. We always recommend giving your home a full new bill of health by installing new water lines and drain lines, using pex and PVC. This will ensure your home will have clean and functional plumbing lines for the next 50 years or more. If this is something you may think your home is in need of, Call today for your Free Consultation!

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