About Green Group, LLC

About Green Group LLC

Green Group LLC is full-service plumbing serving Nashville, FranklinMurfreesboro, and the Middle Tennessee area with quality work and professionalism as it top two piers to serve our customers. We specialized in both commercial and residential plumbing. From small plumbing problems, such as; faucet repair, drain cleaning problems, leaking pipes to full house remodels and re-pipes, our plumbers at Green Group are ready to help tackle your challenges with our services. We are happy to help you with minor plumbing problems, as well as, larger plumbing projects. Green Group also specialized in commercial plumbing such as; new construction, tenant buildouts, remodels, and commercial service. If you are a General Contractor or business looking for professional and dependable plumbers, look no further! Whether you are located East, West, North, or South of Booming Nashville, we are happy to serve you. At Green Group, we believe in the “do it right the first time” mentality while putting the customer’s request and comforts first. As a 2nd generation plumber, Andrew Green (Owner), remembers when his father would always say, “leave the job site cleaner than when you arrived”. and at Green Group, that is exactly what we intend to do. Our main goal at Green Group is simple, we want to serve the community with respect, professionalism, character, and quality work while providing a top-tier environment for our employees and customers.

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Our Values

We believe in going above and beyond to serve our customers in the Nashville area the way Nashville has served us throughout the years. As our city grows, we understand so does the need for professional plumbers. At Green Group, we take pride in developing top tier plumbers and pipe fitters to serve our community. To better serve our customers, we believe in key pillars to a happy customer.

-Be on time

-Great Customer Service


-Experienced Technicians


-Affordable prices


You are Our Top Priority!

As a customer of ours, we understand your time is valuable, so we like to be punctual and limit the amount of time you have to wait on a plumber. That is why we use 3-hour windows instead of all day appointment times to give you a better time frame for when our technicians will arrive.

Customer service and ensuring that our customers have nothing less than the best experience during our service to them is top priority at Green Group. If you don’t receive the best customer service possible, then feel free to reach out to the owner Andrew Green personally (andrew.green@greengrouptn.com) to see how we can help make your experience better.

As a service provider to the Nashville area and its Great citizens, we want our community to have the upmost level of trust in our company and technicians to deliver when our customers are in need. Often times, when plumbing problems arise, it is an inconvenience, and homeowners, as well as, business owners want to trust that their issues will be handled efficiently and professionally to get the job done the first time and at a reasonable price.

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Building Great Customer Relationships

Integrity is one of the most important characteristics of a company looking to serve their community and at Green Group, we hope that is one of the first words that come to our customers mind when they think of our services and technicians. Our customers can rest assured that our technicians will complete the work while maintaining a reasonable price for our customers. One of our goals at Green Group is to develop a great relationship with our customers within the Nashville area and growing into a respectable company that is glad to help when you need us.

Building positive relationships with our customer is essential to us and we will do our part to go above and beyond to ensure you have the best experience possible. We want to become YOUR plumber for years down the road, not just your plumber for a one-time fix. We strive to build a great relationship with our customers so when they need a plumber, they don’t have to search around, they know to call us at Green Group!

Our Promise

We encourage any of our customers to try to find better pricing than what we can offer at Green Group. We understand that plumbing issues arise at the most inconvenient times and the last thing you want to worry about is getting price gouged by another plumbing company that simply does not care about your problems. At Green Group, we do care about you and your families and will do our very best to help in any way possible.

Green Group is your answer to anything plumbing. We have a “we can fix that” mentality and stand by it in the field. With Multiple Master plumbers on our team, we have the knowledge and experience to properly diagnose and solve any plumbing problems that may arise. Our master plumbers can service or repair any project you may have from water lines, drain lines, gas lines, air lines, pneumatic lines, etc. If it involves plumbing, WE CAN FIX THAT!

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Quality Plumbing for Over 50 Years

As a second-generation plumbing company, Green Group has over 50 years of experience in the plumbing industry and is excited to serve the Nashville area for another 50 years to come. The plumbing industry has changed drastically over the last 20 years in advancements in technology, piping, and plumbing systems. We take great pride in being a part of the advancements in plumbing throughout the community and look forward to being one of the key leaders for the future development and implementation of plumbing systems within the Nashville area.

Through the past years, we have had the opportunity to serve and help many customers within the community and have established great relationships with our customers. Many of our customers refer to us as “the best plumbers they have ever used” and “the best contractor they have”. We take pride in these statements and look forward to showing more citizens of this great city why we are the best! At Green Group LLC, we strive to be our best and do our best for our community.